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Immigrant Impact, Part 8

No one seems to actually know what those plans actually are but some serious guessing is going on.

In one case, a manager of 3,000 border patrol agents seemed to decide that he should report to the Mexican government the locations of his agents and U.S. citizens who might be along the U.S. border with Mexico that was under his control. And he did. Every day. How fast that information got to the drug cartels' smuggling operations might be measured in minutes or maybe hours. Was he wrong to do this? Who knows?

Congressmen became concerned. The congressmen acted. They sent a stern letter. The letter can be read HERE.

We have to keep in mind that the situation of 1917 in Mexico — or the USA — is not how it is today.

The 30 years of massive migration of illegals from Mexico has completely changed the equation. In 1842 when John Henry Dana wrote the book Two Years Before the Mast there were about 6,000 Mexicans in all of California. No, that is not a misprint. There were only about 6,000 Mexicans in California. So while there were 6,000 in all of California in 1842 they now flood in at a rate of four million a year. What Mexico’s President Carranza could not see possible 100 years ago is almost an accomplished fact today.

Thanks to the massive flood of illegals, much of the United States' federal interstate highway system of the southwest is a death trap for all who travel there. The illegal aliens steal vans or other large capacity vehicles and then pack them with as many illegals as possible and then race for some high density illegal alien haven such as Los Angeles. The overloaded vehicles have a tremendous propensity for flipping over on turns and many illegal aliens die or are tragically injured only to be brought to health in a U.S. border hospitals at American taxpayer or just American hopsital patient expense. In other cases, huge semi trucks are employed to carry even 177 illegals at a time.

Lastly, the illegal aliens are now avoiding USBP agents by driving at night, in the oncoming lanes of the freeways, and with their head lights out. Even 32 people are killed or injured at one time when these illegal aliens slam their overloaded vans head on into innocent Americans.

Here are the apprehension statistics for the last 35 years, remember to multiply by four to get the number of illegals that get through:

1961 88,823

1962 92,758

1963 88,712

1964 86,597

1965 110,371

1966 138,520

1967 161,608

1968 212,057

1969 283,557

1970 345,353

1971 420,126

1972 505,949

1973 655,968

1974 788,145

1975 766,600

1976 1,097,739*

1977 1,042,215

1978 1,057,977

1979 1,076,418

1980 910,361

1981 975,780

1982 970,246

1983 1,251,357

1984 1,246,981

1985 1,348,749

1986 1,767,400

1987 1,190,488

1988 1,008,145

1989 954,243

1990 1,169,939

1991 1,197,875

1992 1,258,482

1993 1,327,259

1994 1,094,717

1995 1,394,554

1996 1,649,986

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